New Muslim Tired of Spicy Food Warnings

Zafar (pictured above) during less spicy circumstances.

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Yesterday afternoon, local authorities were called onto the scene of what witnesses described as “some white guy gone mad.”

Later identified by police as area resident Isa Zafar, the ordinarily tranquil man erupted in a frenzy of obscenities at a local restaurant/video store. Eyewitnesses claim that Zafar, 25, lapsed into a bout of temporary insanity prompted by restaurant owner/video clerk Muzamil Khalid.

“I just told the guy that the he might not want to try the nihari because it may be too much spicy and he may not like,” explained Khalid.

Zafar, formerly known as John Smith before converting to Islam a year ago, has dealt with warnings concerning spice-levels in food on a daily basis.

Close friends claim that Zafar has progressively grown very sensitive to Khalid’s spicy food warnings considering the fact that Khalid issues such warnings every time Zafar enters the eating establishment/video piracy ring.

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