New Women’s Only Mosque Turns Out to be One Big Sisters Section Amenities Include Rear Main Entrance, Man Cage, Statue of Bradley Cooper

The new womens-only mosque features an entrance in the back and a 12-foot Bradley Cooper statue in the atrium.

Pasadena, CA – In what appears to be the latest chapter in Muslim-American progress, a number of women-only mosques have begun to surface across the southern California region.

While the progressive nature of the mosque marks a new milestone for Muslim-American women, some have observed that the new center is in reality, one elaborate sisters section.

This Friday marked the inaugural service at the center, and approximately 250 female worshipers attended the mid-day sermon.

“I was looking forward to attending today’s sermon,” said attendant and long-time California resident Asma Ghazali. “But the topic of the sermon ended up being, ‘How to please your man.’ I was like, really?”

Other attendees complained they couldn’t hear any of the sermon because of the mosque’s inclusion policy of accepting all females, including ones with screaming babies and/or a chronic need to gossip. One observer noted that at a point during the sermon, all 250 congregants were busy trying to sell Mary Kay Cosmetics to each other.

The unconventional design of the building has caused many to question the overall vision and future plans of the center. The main entrance is in the back and a 12-foot bronze statue of Bradley Cooper occupies more than half of the building atrium.

Founders of the new center were driven to open their own place of worship as they felt disenfranchised by other established, “male-controlled” mosques in the area.

“Honestly, I was just looking for a place to escape from my husband and read Fifty Shades of Grey,” said co-founder Tayyaba Wilson.

A feature that is resonating well with members is the ‘man cage’ located in the basement. Patrons can observe men from other mosques in their captivity, as well as feed them at specific times throughout the day.

When asked, mosque officials made no comment on rumors of future plans to accept cross-dressed hijabi Muslims. However, officials noted they’ve already begun plans for a second building due to the fact that half of the congregants already “can’t stand” the other half.

Plans are to name the new center ‘Masjid-ul-Bradley’ and they’re considering the addition of a smaller Brothers section.

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