Nearly Half of Islamophobes Are Devout Muslims Practicing ‘Taqiyya’

Members of the anti-Islam group Americans Against Shariah Law estimate up to half of their members are devout Muslims practicing taqiyya.

Garland, TX – In the mid-afternoon Texas sun, a blonde haired, blue eyed male with deep anger lurking in his face, holds up a tired “Muslims GO HOME!” sign, exposing the defiant eagle and confederate flag tattooed on his round, expanding belly.

Reads like the description of a cookie-cutter Islamophobe in action, right? Wrong.

Meet Mark “Ibrahim” Williams, a devout Muslim disguised as an anti-Islam activist from Fort Worth, TX. Williams, who converted to Islam five years ago, has perfected the art of Taqiyya, a form of deception to conceal one’s identity or intentions.

And he’s not the only one.

Members from the southern-based ‘Americans Against Shariah Law’ (AASL) have estimated that “stealth jihadists” make up nearly half of their organization. Their profiles are practically indiscernible, as all are US born, white, registered gun owners that hate Obama (at least on the surface). Ironically, they are the most “committed” to the cause, and their passion is evident in their strong voices protesting the Islamization of America.

In video footage that emerged online from a recent protest in Garland, Texas, Williams can be heard clamoring vitriolic, anti-Muslim slogans for 45 consecutive minutes. He was then seen suspiciously leaving the rally during sunset, a time that coincides with the fourth prayer of the day for Muslims.

“I’m so pissed right now!” said Doug Adams, a native Texan who recently joined the AASL. “Who the hell do we trust? This is like a f****d-up ending of Scooby Doo, but how the hell do we pull off the masks?”

The situation has left right-wing conservatives in a dilemma, as they turn on each other to root out the ‘cancer’ that has infiltrated their ranks.

“I’m sitting there watching Michelle Bachmann on the TV, and I’m thinking to myself, she is so a Muslim doing taqiyya.” said AASL Executive Director, Mary Gold.

To add to the confusion, some pseudo-members have started to add layers to their complex-schemed taqiyya. One individual is suspected of being a Muslim convert, cloaked as a lesbian, who then pretends to be a born-again Christian from India, ultimately identifying himself as the governor of Louisiana.

“A taqiyya within a taqiyya… within a taqiyya?” asks a hopelessly bewildered Doug Adams. “It’s like a twisted taqiyya version of Inception.”

Shortly thereafter Adams was unavailable for comment, as his head had exploded.

Members of the AASL and other anti-Islamic groups will continue their vigilance and remain suspicious of each other.

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