Provocative French Cartoonist Disappointed His Drawing of Prophet Muhammad Resulted in Only One Beheading

Provocative French cartoonist, Jacques Moulin, was disappointed after discovering that his drawing of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) resulted in only one beheading.

The following is an opinion piece by French cartoonist and provocateur Jacques Moulin, and does not represent the viewpoints of Islamica News.

Bonjour! It is moi, your favorite Frenchman and rabble rouser, Jacques Moulin. This week I tried to piss off my breakfast croissant because it was slightly burned, and I was like “you look like refugee croissant, you probably hate our freedoms. Go back to ISIS Boulangerie! I draw cartoon of you now and make you angry and then get everyone to feel sorry for me when you lash out… Blah!”

Anyways, I… how you say… digress. Oui?

Maybe you saw it in daily paper, but I drew a picture of the Prophet Muhammad, and quite frankly, I’m disappointed with the response it got. One measly, half-assed beheading. This is unacceptablah!

As France’s top provocateur this side of the Seine, this is total embarrassment. I put a lot of extra work into that piece… even added some extra, extra mockery. Did they not see it? Did they not appreciate my attempts at eliciting an emotionally charged outrage?!? I MEAN THERE’S 1.8 BILLION OF THEM… YOU THINK THERE WOULD BE A MUCH MUCH BIGGER REACTION. Not even .00000001% of them did anything? Nothing. This is bull crepe.

And now i’m miserablah.

Look the only way I can get sympathies is if they do something. But it seems I can’t even get many of them to react. Maybe i’m losing my touch?

No i must push on! Vive la provocateur!

Can i get a “Je suis Jacques Moulin?”

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