‘Radical Islam’ Biggest Threat to World, Claims Complete Idiot Ignoramus Rallying Others to Cause

The idiot frequently protests Islam, often alone or with scattered co-idiots.

BELTON, TX – According to a local dimwit, “rapidly-spreading radical Islam” poses a tremendous risk to “our way of life” and requires immediate action.

“I know a thing or two about Mohammed,” claimed the dolt. “And I’ve read enough of the Koran to know it’s all bad.”

When asked to elaborate, the idiot stated “you just need to Google it” and “watch the Fox News” to build a very strong anti-Muslim sentiment. “They hate Israel and they hate us.”

“Alls I need is my gun and my Bible,” claimed the buffoon who has obviously not read the Bible, either.

“They’re ready to spread the shariah law. We need to round them up and send them back to Saudi Arabia. Austin 3:16!”

According to reports, the imbecile was recently elected to public office and goes by the name Molly “Murica” White.

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