Santa Myth Exposed: Muslim Second Grader Ruins Christmas for Entire Class

Classmate Adam Garber (above) reacted to the news much the same way as the rest of the class, including Ms. Johnson.

BOSTON, MA – After the events that transpired here last week, Ms. Johnsons’ second grade classroom will never be the same.

“We were making cardboard cutouts for the school’s holiday musical when all of a sudden, I hear Adnan telling everyone that Santa Claus isn’t real,” stated Ms. Johnson in reference to Adnan Sami, one of her seven-year old students. “I don’t know what on earth possessed him to tell such horrid, horrid… truth.”

“My mommy told me,” explained Adnan. “I go home and asked her if Santa Claus was coming to our house because we don’t have a chimney. She said that Santa’s not real and I said okay and that was it.”

“How on earth can people live like that?! It’s insane,” exclaimed a visibly-upset Ms. Johnson.

The child has a history of ruining holidays for area youth.

Last Easter, he quickly pointed out that the Easter bunny who visited their classroom was in fact the school’s alcoholic janitor, William Banes.

“He sounded like Willy because Willy always sounds like he’s about to go to naptime,” laughed Adnan in reference to Banes’ ongoing problems with alcoholism.

“He’s two for two thus far,” stated School Principal Marvin Taylor. “We’ve got to brace for New Years. There’s no telling what damage this kid can do.”

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