Sensitive to Local Customs, Trump Lands In Saudi Arabia Wearing a Burqa The U.S. President said the gown was 'soft' and 'fantastic'

Trump in a burqa.
On Saturday, President Trump (who might be pictured above) landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia wearing a long, flowy burqa.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Kicking off a five country swing across the Middle East and Europe, President Donald Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia donning a burqa, an outer garment some Muslim women wear to cover themselves in public.

According to his staff, Trump wanted to ensure his first international trip as President was a public relations success, and one that exhibited cultural sensitivity.

A confused King Salman greeted the President with a lavish reception which included a red carpet and fighter jet flyover.

“I didn’t see any of it,” said the President as he struggled to adjust his new silky gown. “I must have this thing on backwards. Where’s the pee-pee hole?”

According to an aide, Trump’s staff recommended other outfits for the visit, but said he refused.

“He was throwing tantrums,” said one aide. “He REALLY wanted to wear that burqa.”

Upon arrival, Trump tweeted (from under his burqa):

“First Burqa tweet. So Comfortable. Obama never wore won. I’m going to ask Ivanka to make these. SOFT.”

The President praised his new burqa, saying it was “fantastic.”

“In America some of the men that voted for me wear the same thing, except they’re white sheets… you could call it an American burqa.”

By Saturday afternoon, Trump had received marriage proposals by 25 love-struck Saudi men.

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