Smartwater Downgraded to Dumb Lota Water changes from potable to pot-able

Capitalizing on a moment of ingenuity, Ahmed Khan fills up his Smartwater bottle and heads for the toilet.

Mason, OH – Ahmed Khan capitalized on a moment of ingenuity late Thursday when he grabbed an empty bottle of Glaceau Smartwater, and headed for his hotel bathroom at the Marriott in Mason, Ohio.

Caught amidst a dire situation, the twenty-eight year old technology consultant from Chicago quickly improvised in his attempts to maintain a standard of personal hygiene.

“This will be my lota for the next two days,” said Khan as he is expected to attend a series of year end meetings near the hotel. “I’ll be carrying around this bottle in my backpack, you know, just in case.”

A moment of panic ensued when Khan’s manager, Michael Lewis, attempted to take a sip out of the bottle during a five minute meeting break.

“He snatched the bottle from my hands, and was all like ‘Noooo’” said Lewis. “It all happened in slow motion. Anyway the water tasted great.”

Khan is expected to throw the bottle away before he boards his flight back to Chicago on Friday evening.

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