Texas Official Apologies For Humanizing Muslims Rare Slip by Elected Official

Miller adamantly denied rumors he's a "towelhead sympathizer."

SXSW, TX – Texas Commissioner Bubba “Boss Hog” Miller is backtracking after a Facebook post in which he mistakenly humanized Muslims, referring to them in a non-derogatory tone. Miller blames the post on a staffer who ignored “clearly-established” protocol prohibiting non-hate speech against “Islam, Muslims and injuns.”

The Facebook status, remarking on the diversity of US heritage, stated, “Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of all ethnicities are welcome here in the great State of Texas.”

The post ignited social media backlash and condemnation by Miller’s fiercely racist constituents.

“Camel jockeys and sand n@**ers don’t belong in our country!” exclaimed one commenter. “Send them all back to Iraqistan!”

“My dogs hate the 7-11 guy,” stated another supporter/bigot. “He needs to stop being Muslim!”

In a press release, an apologetic Miller stated, “We deeply regret the inclusion of Muslims in any dignified context. Our office is inclusive of all ethnicities and religions, except Islam. And maybe the Hindus. They’re the same thing, right?”

“Anyway, we’re taking steps to remedy the oversight. I vow to hunt down the probably-Muslim sumbitch who did this.”

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