That Thing You Bought for Suhoor Still Sitting Untouched Are You Going to Open It?

You see it out of the corner of your eye every so often. Is today the day you're going to pick it up at least?

YOUR PLACE – According to numerous reports, that one food thing you were so motivated to buy before Ramadan is still sitting there unopened. It probably went bad by now but you’re too afraid to check the label at this point. Yeah. That one.

Do you even remember what it was? It had hummus in it or some kind of spicy beans, right? Was it quinoa or kale? Probably not kale. Honestly, what made you think you’d like to eat it at 3am? Maybe you need to cook it or something and that’s why you’re ignoring it.

Anyway, the jar or can looks like it’s collecting dust. Or is that mold? Oh God. Did you need to refrigerate it?

In case you forgot, it’s sitting there next to those cans of tuna. Why did you need to buy so many cans of tuna? And salmon. Canned salmon? Was there a sale maybe?

With so many starving people in the world, the guilt of letting it potentially rot really gets to you whenever occasionally remember it’s there.

“I’d better check on it,” you noted a few days ago. “I hope it’s still good because I maybe really want to eat it at some point.”

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