Third Grade Palestinian Boy Claims Responsibility for ‘Attack’ Educators Scramble For Damage Control

Though the blast sent shockwaves, the youth expressed no remorse for his actions.

RICHMOND, VA – For six minutes, the air in Ms. Lambert’s third-grade classroom was filled with the stench of a senseless act of juvenile mischief. Students were caught off guard when young Tahir Asafi released one of his lethal ‘fart’ bombs in the southeast region of the classroom. Seconds after the attack, screams of ‘ewe’s’ could be heard coming from the area hardest hit.

He also pointed out that the waves of gas would continue over the course of the next few hours, including recess.Seven-year-old Asafi was quick to claim responsibility for the attack saying, “It was all me!”

Fellow classmate Julie Rubinowitz could be seen gasping for air as she pinched her nose closed.

The incident occurred sometime between math and social studies as the students were taking out their map pencils. Ms. Lambert directly blames Tahir’s mother for not cracking-down on a better lunch selection, and packing shwarma’s in his lunchbox every day.

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