“Time To Embrace Our New Infectious Overlords!” Yells A Visibly Compromised Trump

On Wednesday, a visibly compromised President Trump adjusted his position on the current pandemic, as he asked Americans to embrace "our new infectious overlords."

On Wednesday, the White house appeared to shift its messaging on the current pandemic, as a visibly compromised Trump announced that it was time for the American people to abandon resistance, and submit to the mesmerizing and beautiful force of the Coronavirus.

“My fellow countrymen, it’s time to embrace our new infectious overlords,” said the President, standing in front of the press with crown-like spikes projecting from his head.

Trump’s body then attached to Dr. Anthony Fauci, and begin to absorb the Infectious Disease expert entirely, as VP Mike Pence stared in admiration. Follow @islamicanews and all hail COVID! 

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