What do you think of sharia law in Brunei?


According to recent reports, Brunei has become the first East Asian country to adopt sharia law. What are your thoughts?


“Sadly, we have yet another misguided effort. Jay Leno should still be hosting the Tonight Show.”
Jameel Kuraishi


“I love it. New vacay spot where I won’t stick out like sore thumb. The arbitrary death penalty is an added bonus. I might even opt for the burqini instead of my usual niqini.”
Anonymous (We’re Pretty Sure) Sister


“M-m-m-my sharia! M-m-m-m-m-my sharia!! Seriously though, what’s a Brunei?
Mahmoud bin Beta


“On multiple occassions, the Quran clearly states “waste not by extravagance,” so I look forward to seeing what the Sultan will do with his 1700+ room palace and thousands of cars. Let’s not even get into his multiple divorces or even the concept of monarchy.”
Malia Alam


“Can you imagine a place where someone has to cover up their head when they go outside? I mean, what kind of bull crud is that?!?! Hold on, I can’t breath in this thing.”
Frederick Kreuger

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