Yet Another Hollywood Film Slanders Islam Not Without My Daughter 2: Wait, I Forgot My Son

Promotional flyers for the vicious sequel are already in circulation.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – In a seemingly unbreakable and sad trend in modern-day filmmaking, MGM/UA is poised to release the sequel to their controversial film, “Not Without My Daughter”.

Entitled “Wait, I Forgot My Son”, the movie marks the return of depressing actress Sally Field as well as all the Jewish actors originally hired to play Muslims in the original. “I felt that the world needed to be reminded of how horrible the Muzlamic religion is,” stated Field.

“We also felt the need to show Muzlims that their method of prayer is wrong.”

What Field was referring to was the numerous prayer references in both the original movie and the sequel that depict traditional Islamic prayer as a random sequence of standing, bowing and loudly shouting various Arabic phrases in a rapidly repeated fashion for approximately twenty minutes.

Seemingly devoid of any plot whatsoever, “Wait, I Forgot My Son” depicts the journey of Field’s character into bowels of a villified Muslim country in search of her newborn son (played by Danny Devito).

“At the beginning of the new movie, my character marries a 7-11 clerk [who is later revealed as being suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden] and bares his child,” explains Field.

In the new film, Osama bin Laden plots to steal Field's children by becoming a 7-11 clerk who is fond of slurpees.
In the new film, Osama bin Laden plots to steal Field’s children by becoming a 7-11 clerk who is fond of slurpees.
“Needless to say, as per Muzlamic tradition, Osama takes his only son back to Afghanistan with him and it becomes my mission in life to get him back.”

News of the pending release of the movie has been met by much opposition and criticism from various Islamic groups such as CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) as well as the TDU (Taxi Drivers Union) and most Dunkin Donuts.

“I hate those kinds of flims, man,” exclaims Ali Kamal, Owner of Dunkin Donuts Store #294. “If that Sally Field ever come my store, I won’t give her the free donuts.”

That same sentiment was also heard from most Arab liquor store owners who are planning on refusing free liquor for Field as well as all taxi drivers refusing to take her anywhere.

The Hizbollah, not to be outdone, have also announced plans to steal the hollywood actress’s children and raise them overseas.

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