“You’re All Going To Hell!” Yells Drunk Uncle At Iftar Drinking Straight From Rooh Afza Bottle

Irfan Siddiqui went on a drunk tirade against family and friends at a family Iftar after consuming too much Rooh Afza.

Things got pretty heated at the Siddiqui household iftar dinner when Uncle Irfan went off on a drunk tirade after consuming too much Rooh Afza.

“You’re all going to hell with your opening-fast-one-minute-early shenanigans!” slurred the 39 year old day trader as he guzzled the red sugary syrup straight from the bottle.

Siddiqui struggled to keep his mouth moving as the thick, sticky concentrate began to seal his lips together and dribble down his rose-stained chin.

“Kids, when I was your age, I had to walk 50 miles in the snow to do wudu! *hiccup* And by the time I’d get back, it would be bro- bro- broken.”

Uncle Irfan then began to sob uncontrollably before passing out in a pool of his red vomit with a blood sugar level of 400.

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