16 Hour Drive Home Looms Ahead For Rejected Bachelor, Family

The Bashirs can find comfort in the fact their Nissan Maxima gets excellent fuel economy.

COLUMBUS, OH – After failing to make a match at a hastily arranged matrimonial meeting, 34-year old bachelor Farouq Bashir and his parents face a long road home.

“I can’t believe this crap,” lamented Bashir. “She didn’t even say one word to me.”

The meeting with the Khan family lasted approximately three hours and the topic of discussion consisted almost entirely of the situation in Iraq.

The Khan family had been discussing marriage possibilities with the Bashirs for quite some time without their daughter Sherene’s knowledge. For reasons unknown, Sherene found out about these discussions only moments before the awkward encounter.

“What did they expect? They tell me some dude’s family is coming here only 20 minutes before they actually got here,” exclaimed a frustrated Sherene. “This definitely tops that time we tried Muslimarriage.com.”

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