Guy Who Looted Indian Store Has No Idea What To Do With 43 Boxes of Shan Masala, Calling Cards

After looting an Indian grocery store in Southwest Houston, Mike Edwards is unsure of what to do with his boxes of Shan Masala, Pan Parag, and cases of calling cards.

Mike Edwards isn’t sure of what to do with the several items he looted from a neighborhood Indian store late last night.

Edwards spread his loot across a parking lot just 3 blocks away from the Bombay Bazaar, a grocery store specializing in south asian grocery and other convenient items.

“What the hell did I nab?!?” said a bewildered Edwards as he picked up and shook a can of Pan Parag in the air.

“Is this thing full of rocks?!?”

In his 4.5 minute smash and grab operation, Edwards was able to run out with 43 boxes of Shan brand maslala, 2 bags of Basmati rice, 3 boxes of Fair and Lovely, a bottle of Hajmola, and a stack of calling cards.

The 22 year old also reeked of a combination of turmeric and chili powder smells, even several hours after he vacated the store.

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