Khabib to Senate: “I LIKE BEAR.”

On Wednesday, UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov testified before the U.S. Senate. Throughout his testimony, Nurmagomedov pointed out that he "liked bear."

Washington, DC – On Wednesday, UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov testified before the U.S. Senate, responding to questions about the melee that followed his victory over Conor McGregor. Today’s discussion primarily centered around the fighter’s adolescence, and his history with bear during that period of his life.

Islamica News has obtained a transcript of the hearing. Below is an excerpt:

Senator: First of all Mr. Nurmagomedov, congratulations to you on your victory. But sir, you jumped out of the Octagon right after the fight and that’s a violations of the rules. Unacceptable.

Khabib: He talked about my religion, my country, my father. He broke bus. So why people talk about me jumping over cage? I like bear.

Senator: Mr. Nurmagomedov, we’ll get to your history with bears in a moment, but you’re looking at some pretty serious fines not to mention a possible suspension and stripping away of your title.

Khabib: When I go home I know my father gonna smash me. Then I gonna smash bear. Maybe we share bear, smash together. I told you, bear is like tap machine.

Senator: I’m sorry you have bear on tap?!? Never mind. How many bears do you smash?

Khabib: I dunno, maybe something like 2… 3… 20. Something like this. I lose count. I like bear.

Senator: Have you ever blacked out from bear?

Khabib: I don’t know. Have you?

Lindsey Graham: WHO DOESN’T LIKE BEARS! I LOVE BEARS TOO! This whole thing is shameful!

Khabib: Who is crazy guy? Come to Dagistan. My father, he smash you too… Inshallah.

Senator: Anything else?

Khabib: Yes, who is man sleeping under table?

Senator: That’s Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh: I like beer.

Khabib: Not me. I like bear.

Khabib has been with bear throughout his younger life. Khabib really likes bear.


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