Islamica Finally Reveals Secret! Uncles, Aunties Ain't Too Happy

Protests like this one last weekend have led Islamica to question their pact with the devil.

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Feeling under pressure from the public and parents alike, the boys at Islamica revealed the source for their creative, yet controversial ideas. At a news conference held in a Suburban Chicago garage last Friday, company CEO Faisal Khan told all about the longtime coveted issue.

At that point, Khan began laughing hysterically.”You’re not going to like what I have to say,” Khan began, “but we get our ideas from the Jews.”

“I’m just joking…it’s not the Jews!”

Then with a solemn face Khan revealed, “Seriously though, the real source for our ideas is the devil.”

Baig went on to explain that the company hired the devil at its inception, and has been enjoying his input since.

The news angered many Chicago-area Muslims who took to Devon Avenue in protest. Hundreds chanted ‘Islamica sucks!’ as police tried to keep the crowd under control.

“Islamica?” 28-year old Rehan Siddiqui shouted. “They should rename themselves Haramica!”

Siddiqui was unaware his brother, Tahami, currently holds the position as Public Relations officer at Islamica.

Local area mosques pleaded with protesters to take action.

“We can’t sit back now,” a local mosque leader told people. “We have to write our respective congressmen and tell them to ask Islamica to…to stop talking to the devil or something like that.”

The news did not come as a shock to many, and simply reaffirmed the older generation’s longtime suspicion.

“I knew them boys were up to no good,” said 58 year old Sartaj Farooqui. “I’ve seen their shirts, now I hear they’ll be making miniskirts.”

Islamica, however, sees the issue under a completely different light.

Company CIO and Webmaster Azher Ahmed was all compliments toward their evil associate. “The devil is a genius when it comes to graphic arts,” Ahmed raved. “Whenever we work together, I just give him the mouse and watch in awe. I love that little guy.”

The accord with the devil was news to longtime Islamica board member Mustafa Siraj.

“I didn’t even know we worked with the devil,” Siraj grumbled. “I just thought that voice saying ‘eat pork’ was inside my head.”

It appears that Siraj wasn’t the only member who had problems with the prince of darkness.

Former member Adnan Dhakan gave the company an ultimatum a year ago.

“I told them it was either me or the devil,” Dhakan said. “I can’t believe this crap.”

Some current Islamica members have complained about the devil’s work ethic at the office.

“I walked into the coffee room once,” related board member Afeef Abdul-Majeed, “and he was putting rum in the drinking water…yeah I’m pretty sure it was rum.”

Could this be the face of evil?

lslamica Chief Financial Officer Sadat Khan states that the devil comes into his office after-hours and tells him to take from the company’s funds. “I tell him to go away,” Khan mentions. “I ask him ‘What are you the devil or something?’ to which he looks back and smiles. Then we both laugh for a while.”

Because of the recent protests, Islamica states that they will look into some of the complaints they’ve been receiving throughout the past years.

At the news conference, many inquired what the devil looked like, to which Mirza Baig replied, “Well he looks a lot like eighties television star Webster.”

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