Man Who Coined The Terms ‘Libtard,’ ‘Snowflake’ Dies From Covid-19

Dusty McPhilips, inventor of the words 'libtard' and 'killary,' passed away earlier today, but not before yelling out "Dumocrat Hoax."

An Arkansas man recognized for his invaluable contributions to the conservative lexicon widely adopted by Trump supporters and internet trolls, passed away from Covid-19 earlier today.

John “Dusty” McPhilips came up with popular conservative terms and phrases such as ‘libtard,’ ‘sheeple,’ ‘dumocrat,’ and ‘lamestream media.’ His prolific work helped millions of right-wing keyboard warriors add just the right amount of zing to their rebuke of “liberals destroying America.”

“There ain’t a comments section or discussion thread on the internet that don’t got true freedom lovers using them words,” commented McPhilips teary-eyed friend and fellow patriot Tim Hansen.

“It seemed like just yesterday we were sharing memes about Obummer being a secret Muslim.”

In a 2015 prime-time television interview, McPhilips revealed how he came up with the word “libtard.”

“I was sitting there in front of my computer drinkin’ my beer, you know enjoyin my freedoms,” said McPhilips wearing a Confederate Flag trucker hat and an undersized wife beater shirt.

“I kept looking at the word ‘liberal’ on one side of my screen, and the word ‘retard’ on the other. And I went back and forth for three dad-gum hours. And then all of a sudden I yelled ‘TARDLIB’ out loud!”

McPhilips went on to refine the word in the weeks to come, after some trial and deliberation.

McPhilips last tweet on July 22 was a comprehensive word salad of his favorite hits, which read: “Globalist dumocrats and their cabal of sheeples are promoting there marxist, comunist ways through masks, deep state, BLM, Antifa, and Shariah Law. It’s all a big HOAX. There ain’t no VIRUS! Wake up! #MAGA #KAG P.S. Obama still coming for your guns!”

According to Hansen, McPhilips had been working on something “big” and was going to wait until next month to unveil his magnum opus.

“He was going to introduce the nickname ‘Dr Fauxi’ into the world on a Breitbart website page… Ya gone way too soon Dusty!”

McPhilip’s funeral was delayed after the inscription for his tombstone was flagged by an admin.

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