Multi-talented Woman Has the Ability to Condemn Killing Of Certain Children and Promote The Killing of Certain Other Children All at the Same Time

25 year old Leah Coen has a remarkable ability to express two completely opposing thoughts in the same breath without a flinch.

25 year old, multi-talented Leah Coen can simultaneously condemn the killing of certain children while advocating the indiscriminate murder of certain other children in impressive, dissonant form.

The Brooklyn resident is remarkably capable of expressing two diametrically opposed thoughts without a discernible flinch.

“It’s disgusting what Hamas did to those babies, and it’s important that Israel continues to obliterate those other babies that had nothing to do with these babies and we should all be able to coexist because it’s our land not theirs and they need to leave and go somewhere else because we need to preserve life by killing every Palestinian man, woman and child. Peace, love and no ceasefire,” said Coen as she pouted her lips and posed for the gram.

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