Alleged To Be Modified Shopping Cart


DESPERITO, CA – Controversy erupted earlier this week in dot-com land when reports began surfacing regarding a new Muslim matrimonial site. came under fire with allegations that the site is nothing more than a poorly-modified shopping cart.

That isn’t the only thing frustrating visitors of the site.

“I double-clicked my way to a divorce,” stated one disheartened patron. “They don’t have any protection against mis-clicking. I double-clicked instead of a single click and received two wives by accident.”

Speculations were further fueled by the Web promotions on the site including a polygamous “marry one, get two free.”

The quality of service is also becoming an issue for the young Web enterprise. Additional customer frustrations radiate from the fact that potential immigrant spouses aren’t clearly labeled with a “no English” caption. owners are no strangers to controversy. Earlier this year, a sister website entitled attempted to promote Matrominal auctions.

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