CAIR Condemns UAE For Condemning CAIR Reporters Reportedly Confused

The confusing press conference quickly spiraled out of control.

WASHINGTON, DC – Speaking at a press event earlier today, CAIR spokesperson Corey Saylor issued a strong condemnation of the UAE’s recent condemnation of CAIR as a terrorist organization.

“We absolutely and unequivocally condemn the UAE’s condemnation,” stated Saylor. “Furthermore, we condemn the UAE and their stupid spokespeople and their stupid faces, as well. Make no mistake, this is the strongest condemnation we could possibly make. It doesn’t get more condemning than this.”

A puzzled room of reporters erupted into side conversations pondering if a condemnation of the condemnation meant that CAIR is condoning or doubly condemning itself.

“We’re not sure what this means,” lamented one helpless CNN correspondent. “It’s circular logic…like someone saying they’re a liar. Is that person telling the truth when they say that?”

The CAIR spokesman was quick to respond, “Are you calling me a liar, Bill? We’ve known each other for years. Give me a little respect here. Our kids are on the same little league team, for God’s sake.”

Not knowing how to respond, the room further erupted into an all-out melee shortly thereafter.

Numerous witnesses claim a FOX News reporters could be heard shouting “Terrorists condemning terrorists!” and “Nuke ’em all back to Sandistan!”

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