Hijabi To Embark On New Career

Khadeeja looks forward to working at this Dallas-area Hooters.

DALLAS, TX – As she embarks on her new career, nineteen year old Khadeeja Alam has recently made the decision to embrace the modest dress of the hijab and jilbab. Although a common dress among Muslim women, Khadeeja’s situation is not as traditional.

Her orange hijab matches her orange jilbab, the official uniform color at her new job – Hooter’s.

“I’m so excited about my new job! Inshallah, I hope it’s rewarding,” raves the young Muslimah.

“The great thing about the hijab is that it’s such a source of strength for me. I feel I can be viewed as an individual and appreciated for my abilities.”

Confused restaurant patron Duke Walker comments, “I’m not sure what’s goin on here. I mean didn’t they start up an airline er, where’s the shorts?”

As the orange-laden Alam delivers a tray of twenty ‘three-mile-island’ wings to a table, she raves, “It’s great to work at a place where the buffalo wings are the best in the world. I’m so blessed!”

Matt Adams, one from a group of four pimply teenage boys says, “I wish we had that other one with the red hair, we got gyped.”

Khadeeja hasn’t told her Middle Eastern parents yet, though she is excited in doing so.

“I can’t wait until I tell them that I’ve decided to wear hijab. They will be so happy!”

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