Islamic School Hosts Annual Misspelling Bee

Faculty was excited to host the event and believe the record for contestants, four, could be broken this year.

SPRINGFIELD, MA – For the fifth consecutive time, the Islamic Institute of Educate Very Good, located in central Massachusetts, hosted it’s annual butchering of the English language.

With most faculty unable to properly spell, students were struggling with the school’s initial attempts at a spelling bee.  That’s when the staff decided to forgo the rules of correctness in favor of the current, misspelled format.

“It’s kind of weird,” stated one student. “None of the teachers really know what they’re doing so it ends up being a test of endurance.”

Last year, hyperactive five-year old Hakim Ahmed won after a grueling 18-hour standoff. The winning word was “stop” which Ahmed spelled as “s-t-4-apple-mama!” followed by a tearful breakdown and pleas to go home from the judges.

“We are excite, you know,” stated School Principal Ayman Bughali. “All of the boys and the girl even, they are aroused and hope win all [unintelligible]. We want them all win all the thing.”

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