Rami The Ramadan Ram Ignites Controversy Many Accuse IslamiCorp of Profiteering from Holy Day

While cute to some, many were concerned about Rami the Ramadan Ram's perceived "demonic eyes."

CHICAGO, IL – Backlash continues after last weeks unveiling of “Rami the Ramadan Ram,” IslamiCorp’s new Eid mascot. While the majority aren’t criticizing the undeniable cuteness of the furry animal, many are critical of what they perceive as a “PR stunt” by the company as an effort to commercialize the popular Muslim holiday. Criticisms snowballed to yesterday, when crowds rallied on Devon avenue to protest the mascot.

“We don’t need no Santa Christ for Eid,” stated one angry protestor. “IslamiCorp always pulls this crap and I’m sick to my stomach, but that may just be because of the awful smell of Devon.”

The odorous rally had it’s fair share of casualties with paramedics responding to six fainting incidents, two cases of explosive diarrhea and countless cases of heat exhaustion.

In a statement released to the press, IslamiCorp stated, “We apologize for any perceived offense by unveiling our cute, adorable mascot. Plush dolls are available for sale at your local halal butcher for $10. In light of this backlash, we are re-examining our plan to slaughter Rami, along with his pal ‘Gamal the Geriatric Goat,’ this coming Eid al-Adha.”

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