Random E-mail Getting Strange

Authorities believe this Internet cafe / telemarketing organization may have originated the e-mails in question.

SAN JOSE, CA – A random e-mail message sent this past Friday to sister Zenab Khan, 20, is beginning to become a cause for concern.

“It started off innocently enough. He told me his name is Wahir and that we met at a wedding this past summer and he explained that he got my e-mail address from a common friend of ours,” explained Khan. “For an uncle, he seemed real cool at first. But then it got weird.”

Weird in several ways, explained Khan.

Local authorities familiar with the sender of the e-mail identified him as Wahir Gufbol, a 32 year-old computer programmer.

“He hasn’t been arrested or anything yet,” stated on officer who asked to remain anonymous. “He’s just one of those wierdos that scares people and unfortunately we can’t do anything about it until something actually happens.”

Police psychologists explained that Gufbol, suspected for pathologically stalking at least three other area women, exhibits many symptoms of first-degree emotional infancy.

“Every sentence in his e-mail ended with either two exclamation points or question marks”, a teary Khan recalled.

“Sometimes he would even ask a question but the sentence would end with two exclamation points. What am I supposed to think? This is so confusing.”

“He didn’t even end a single sentence with a period. It was always an ellipses…”

Upon the advice of close friends, Khan has decided to not respond to the e-mail and hopes that the older, lonelier Gufbol will forget.

“I don’t know what may happen but I think I’ll add him to my junk mail list or something. He really creeps me out.”

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