Weekender – Progressive White Couple Excited to Try Ethnic Restaurants with Bad Service "They served us our appetizers after dessert."

In search for eating establishments with less than stellar service, Patrick and Kathy Edwards embark on a life changing experience with occasional diarrhea.

Chicago, IL – Patrick and Kathryn Edwards are taking a break from their ordinary routine of eating at established venues with dependable service. Last weekend the twenty-something, progressive couple took to Yelp and tried ethnic restaurants in their neighborhood with less than stellar service.

“Patrick and I searched our phones for all sorts of ‘one to two star’ Indian and Pakistani restaurants near our condo on the North side. Who knew there was such a gold mine near our neighborhood!” said Kathryn Edwards, who suffered second degree burns from a spilled plate of hot samosas on her lap.

“We REALLY wanted to break free from our comfort zone of being taken care of with attentive service. That whole ‘valuable customer’ thing is overrated.”

The couple patronized three local eating establishments on Devon Ave near Chicago’s north side. Patrick Edwards recalled his experience at ‘Khan’s Palace’ – one of the venues visited by the couple last weekend.

“As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by the words ‘Our restroom is out of order, you go now’ by a sweaty Pakistani man with an accent,” said Edwards, a digital marketing professional.

“Then he served us cloudy water in spotted glasses, one that had a dried-up coriander leaf permanently stuck to the inside. We tried complaining, but he couldn’t hear us over the blaring TV’s tuned to some foreign satellite-fed channel. You can’t plan on that kind of authentic experience. It was amazing.”

When Kathryn Edwards ordered a Sprite, she was served a flat Pepsi. When she told the server he gave her the wrong drink, he told her “is same thing.”

“I remember when Shawn saw a finger nail in our boti kabab, our server plucked it from our plate, looked at us and said ‘is okay now?’ LOVE that attitude!”

“Then they served us appetizers after dessert.”

Khan’s Palace was unavailable for comment.

The Edwards look forward to a calling in sick Monday to their respective employers with violent cases of diarrhea.

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