Ahmed’s Parents Concerned Too Many People Standing Around Family Home Endures Massive Overcrowding

The family claims their home environment has turned into a "giant house party, minus Kid 'n Play."

Irving, TX – Following his arrest and rise to social media stardom, Ahmed Mohamed’s parents are growing concerned there are “far too many people” standing around their house “at all hours, day and night.”

The family claims their 1800 square foot split-level single family home has been barraged by a slew of supporters “covering every square inch” of their home. The family is worried about overcrowding and fire hazards resulting onslaught of supporters visiting their home.

“The #IStandWithAhmed movement makes me very happy for the support my son’s received,” stated his father. “But we need to get to sleep and there’s a couple of hundred people standing around, talking and watching TV at all hours of the night.”

“Obama’s crashed on the couch and I’m pretty sure an MIT professor clogged the toilet. Also, we’ve stated there’s no smoking in our house but there are butts everywhere.”

At press time, 14-year old Ahmed was seen giggling at his father’s mention of the word “butt.”

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