Man Begins Day-Long Social Media Fast Virtual Cleanse Coincides With Spiritual Cleanse

It's expected to last between 29 and 30 hours.

CHICAGO, IL – Looking to capitalize on his newfound motivation, 24 Year Old Umair Quasim took to social media early this morning and declared he’s deactivating his social media accounts.

“It’s going to last the duration of Ramadan and, insh’Allah, well beyond,” explained the student. “There are so many better, more productive ways to spend our time. I’m out! You all should do the same. Fear Allah!”

Quasim deleted an estimated 35 social media accounts and mobile apps from his device.

According to friends and relatives, this annual ritual lasts 29-30 hours depending on when Quasim is forced to deal with his friends and relatives.

“It feels awesome,” stated the enthusiastic man. “I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

At press time, many of Quasim’s friends reported new “Friend requests” from him on Facebook.

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