Man Binge Watches DVR Mecca Coverage From Last Ramadan Glad He Finally Caught Up Before Ramadan 2014

Luqman admits he dozed off in some parts he felt were non-essential to the overall plot line.

HANOVER PARK, IL – Rafi Luqman quickly ran to the bathroom prior to the start of his press conference. Understandably, the 34 year old hasn’t left his couch in nearly a month as he’s finally finished watching DVR recordings of news coverage from Mecca last year during Ramadan.

“That Muslim channel, Crossroads, was running a live stream 24×7 and I felt bad because I was so busy last year. I love that show,” he stated. “The blessings, they’re so riveting.”

Luqman resolved to “catch up” before this years live stream. He went into his basement and turned on the DVR to watch a few hours of coverage but reportedly was “hooked” after the first few minutes.

“I couldn’t look away and was constantly wondering what was going to happen next.”

He spent a grand total of 600 hours spanning four weeks watching nearly nonstop, only taking small breaks to use the restroom or make a sandwich.

“Thankfully they had a lot of commercials I could skip and fast forward, but I was committed to watching the whole thing, start to finish.”

He says he’ll miss his favorite character, “squiggly guy in a green prayer hat” and added he’ll be “first in line” to buy the DVD when released.

“I’m curious about the director’s commentary and there’s Internet rumors of an alternate ending. I’m definitely going to catch the new season live when it debuts in a few weeks.”

Until then, he plans to clean up the basement and continue his job hunt.

When asked, Luqman’s angry, confused wife explained there isn’t a television in the basement.

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