Muslim Social Networking Website Crawling With Social Outcasts

An enthusiastic SMWANLster prepares for a meetup.

SANTA CLAUSA, CA – Rising in popularity since it’s launch nearly four months ago, (standing for “Single Muslims Who Aren’t Necessarily Looking”) offers many services to the sites numerous daily visitors.

“It’s the perfect way to unwind after a hard day,” states unemployed 27-year old Yaseen Mubarak, one of the numerous single Muslim visitors of the website. “You just go there to chill and look but not really look look, you know?”

“Like oh my god,” states addict Layla Khan. “I love the way I can just sit there in front of the computer and just type all of the interesting details of my life and school and boys and people give comments like ‘I agree’ and ‘Way to go’ and ‘lolz wtf’. The only thing that’s kind of weird is that sometimes, a guy randomly asks if he can ‘friendship me’ or something but I guess you have to take the good with the bad.” certainly has features to distinguish itself from competition. Take, for example, the “Marry Me Please, No I’m Just Kidding” button.

“I love that one the most because you can say ‘Hey baby, how ya doin’ while at the same time, you’re not really committing to full-blown interest,” states 18-year old Naseeba Dotkhan.

Not all members, however, are enthusiastic about the site and what it offers.

“It is Dajjal,” states angry social outcast Umar Wahaab who regularly visits the site. “I go there at least twice a day and I hate it. So much fitna. No girls will talk to me.”

Other visitors point out that members using the “Married But Looking” category aren’t necessarily looking for second or third wives.

Despite the criticism, the site continues to flourish.

Die-hard loyalists even refer to themselves as “SMWANLsters” and occasionally hold face-to-face basement meetings called “Awkward Moments.”

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