Sikh of Being Mistaken For An Arab

"This is suck!"

By Preet Wallawallabangbang

How many guys I gotta explain?! I’M NOT ARAB! Look, buddy…some tings are really estarting to pass me off. Hawing the guy say me not talk the English when I AM talk the English is insulting enough, but now this happens.

I’m Sikh, dang it. Sikh, sikh, sikh!

You aydeeots hound me and say me go home. But I say I am home so what? They look with confuse and start throwing the thing and the other thing.

I drive cab for long, long time in this country – at least 3 day. I have people say me go home cuz some plane crash and hit the guy and I say “How I know who the guy is, man? Why I gotta be the blame?”

Blame the responsibility people, whoever they be at.

Leave me alone, please. I done writing…how I save document?

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