Home Editorial Sikh of Being Mistaken For An Arab

Sikh of Being Mistaken For An Arab

Sikh of Being Mistaken For An Arab
"This is suck!"

By Preet Wallawallabangbang

How many guys I gotta explain?! I’M NOT ARAB! Look, buddy…some tings are really estarting to pass me off. Hawing the guy say me not talk the English when I AM talk the English is insulting enough, but now this happens.

I’m Sikh, dang it. Sikh, sikh, sikh!

You aydeeots hound me and say me go home. But I say I am home so what? They look with confuse and start throwing the thing and the other thing.

I drive cab for long, long time in this country – at least 3 day. I have people say me go home cuz some plane crash and hit the guy and I say “How I know who the guy is, man? Why I gotta be the blame?”

Blame the responsibility people, whoever they be at.

Leave me alone, please. I done writing…how I save document?

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