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Netanyahu stated he looks forward to "killing a few dozen Arabs" without intense scrutiny from the media.

Israel Relieved World Finally Looking Other Way

State Enjoying Apartheid, Killings Without Media Scrutiny

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – At a recent weekend retreat, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed relief the world is finally “over it” regarding continued human rights violations and marginalization of minorities in their region....

Disagreement over when to mourn the injury has divided the Chicago Muslim community.

Chicago Muslims Divided on When to Mourn End of Rose’s Season

Disagreement Over When to Declare Annual "Eid-ul-ACL" Day of Mourning

CHICAGO, IL – The annual season-ending injury of Chicago Bulls Star Derrick Rose’s season has deepened rifts within the Chicago Muslim community. Reports of Rose’s torn meniscus spread quickly online and fans immediately took...

Many Muslims were critical of the blatant, "super-haram" approach taken by the soup enterprise.

Campbell’s Announces New Haram Line of Soups

Latest in Unsettling "Islamophobic Products" Trend

CAMDEN, NJ – Looking to capitalize on growing anti-Muslim sentiment across the US, Campbell’s Soup unveiled its new “Haram” line of soups. The soups feature ingredients forbidden and offensive to Muslims including “Beer-n-Cheese with...