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On Tuesday, a DC area coalition of migrant Muslims aggressively voiced their displeasure regarding recent terrorist attacks in the name of their religion.

Immigrant Muslims ‘Condom’ Terrorism

"Instead of being reactive, we must condom before explosion."

Washington, DC – Muslim organizations around the country have been relentlessly ‘condom’-ing violent attacks that have been committed in the name of their religion. Last Monday, Virginia and Maryland area Islamic communities organized a...

The ties were numerous and ghastly.

FBI Concerned About Suspects Al-Qaeda Ties

Investigation Will Likely Soon Expand

PARIS, FRANCE – In the aftermath of an intense standoff north of Paris earlier today, the FBI shared concerns regarding one of the suspects’ Al-Qaeda ties. “We ransacked their apartment and made the discovery...

Many noted that while Cheney is most definitely a Dick, even his most recent comments are beyond the norm for him.

Cheney Reaffirms He’s Dick

You Can't Make This Up

NEW YORK, NY – Following a series of disturbing comments during his “Meet the Press” interview, former US Vice President Dick Cheney reinforced the perception that he’s an old, evil miscreant worthy of his...

In addition to ham sandwiches, Queens District Attorney Abdul Wallace has successfully indicted sausage links, bacon bits, pepperoni pizza and gummy bears.

Muslims Indict a Ham Sandwich

Grand jury makes decision to open up expeditious trial

New York, NY – A grand jury comprised of Muftis, Imams, and other variants of Muslim successfully indicted a ham sandwich late Thursday, as there was “compelling” evidence towards the dubious composition of the...

Father skeptical of Convert-Son-In-Law’s Halal Turkey

"Pretty sure we're going to see a Christmas tree pop up in a couple of weeks..."

Downers Grove, IL – Masoud Rahmnan kept turning down offers of turkey at his daughter’s house on Thursday, as he remained suspicious of his new son-in-law’s practices and convictions towards the Islamic faith. “I’m...