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Newly-elected President Azhar Azeez addresses reporters after the announcement.

Labor Day Weekend to be Renamed “Eid ul-Isna”

ISNA Claims It Just Makes Sense

DETROIT, MI – On the eve of their annual convention, the Islamic Society of North America issued a press release declaring the long weekend to officially become an Islamic holiday. “Muslims have been clamoring...

Marty Freiberg mentioned how the Regev character was starting to choke his abilities to branch out as an actor.

Actor Who Plays Mark Regev Calling It Quits

Marty Freiberg Shocks the World at MTV's Video Music Awards

INGLEWOOD, CA – In an unexpected move, the actor who portrays the infamous and oft-maligned Israeli Spokesman Mark Regev has resigned. Strangely, 54 Year Old Australian Actor Mark “Marty” Freiberg chose to announce his...

The incident at Habib's Halal Meat & Cash Advance was the largest scuffle since a fight erupted at "Kinda OK" on Devon street last week.

Zabihah-Halal Gang Rivalries Flare

Weekend Incident Underscores Rising Hostilities

CHICAGO, IL – Authorities are regaining control of the Kedzie Avenue region after another weekend of violence in Chicago. Hostilities erupted Sunday afternoon when the Zabiha-only “Devon Boyz” gang made a lunch visit to...

While cute to some, many were concerned about Rami the Ramadan Ram's perceived "demonic eyes."

Rami The Ramadan Ram Ignites Controversy

Many Accuse IslamiCorp of Profiteering from Holy Day

CHICAGO, IL – Backlash continues after last weeks IslamiCorp announcement unveiling a new Eid mascot named “Rami the Ramadan Ram.” While the majority aren’t criticizing the undeniable cuteness of the furry animal, many are...